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About Chris

Hello! I simply create content associated with gaming related things, whether that may be;
  1. Video game playthroughs, in depth or non in depth, also commonly know as let's plays on YouTube;
  2. Casual Streams, where I just play through a game that currently has my interest and have people just hang out, Personal Best Speed Runs attempts of some of my favorite retro games such as Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, or Streams involving the friends/family gaming community that I grew up with and continue to grow with as a whole;
  3. Unboxings and/or reviews of products I have either received from companies or products that I have purchased/gifted.
By pledging here on Patreon, you're supporting a few causes. The first is to allow me a bit more freedom to create more content and play games more often with the community that I am willing to invest in, and grow together with you all that are willing to invest your time into everything it is that goes on here. The second is to allow me to afford to manage things such as bills to take care of.
Pledging will grant you access to a few things, such as a access private text channel and voice channel on a discord server I run, as well as a spot in a Minecraft Server (which I hope to have running soon from the time of this post!)
In time, more perks can become a thing, but for now, I'm just keeping it basic!
1% complete
If this goal should be reached, this will allow me to be able to pay at least one of my living expenses, or upgrade the equipment I use to produce higher quality content!
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