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Level One

$1 /creation
Level One Patrons, you're some pretty cool humans, you know that?
You get x1 chance in the giveaway draw and the occasional free wallpapers, posters and digital content.

Level Two

$5 /creation
I'm so glad you choose level two! I'm hoping you know just how much I appreciate it :)
You get access to the private group on Facebook, as well as x5 chances in the giveaway draw.

Level Three

$10 /creation
Level up! Level three peeps, you super sleek dudes you! It's so great that you chose level three.

You get x10 chances in the giveaway draw, access to my private Facebook group a...


Level Four

$20 /creation
Whoa, your pledge is super supportive and I can't thank you enough! You truly are a super fan and you're amazing!
You get x20 chances in the giveaway draw, access to my private...

Level Five

$50 /creation
Dude, $50 is a big deal! Do you even know how awesome you really are, though? Do you? You're so freaking cool!
You get x50 chances in the giveaway draw, access to my private Fa...

Ultimate Supporter

$100 /creation
I cannot even believe right now, that you've pledged this much! Wow, seriously, grateful is a total understatement! You've made my year!
You get x100 chances in the giveaway dr...