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is creating SimSync, the Multiplayer mod for The Sims 4



About Delane Studios

Welcome to the SimSync Patreon page for the much anticipated Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod! 

SimSync gives you the ability to play The Sims 4 with your friends online with the simplicity of a click of a button!

When an EA update broke our mod we took the opportunity to rewrite our code for a more stable and user friendly experience. To eliminate game breaking bugs such as loss of connection. 

We have been working tirelessly to provide new features such as, but not limited to:
🔹 A launcher 
🔹 Auto updates
🔹 User account and friend system
🔹 In-game chat

We aim to provide the following features in future updates:
🔹 3+ player support
🔹 Traveling between lots
🔹 Co-op build/buy mode
🔹 and much more!

With the integration of the new launcher, users no longer need to install third-party programs, hassle with confusing setup instructions, or manually disable game packs or mods. Additionally, we have been working with other trusted mod developers to limit mod conflicts while playing online.

After initial release, we will be focusing on providing you with the features listed above. We strive to provide you with the easiest and safest way to play The Sims 4 online with your friends.

We have been featured by the following trusted influencers and game changers:
🔹 and many more.

Would you like to provide feedback, suggestions, or just chat? You are welcome to join our community of 25,000+ on our Discord here or contact us via email. We look forward to the mods much anticipated update and release.
Select a membership level
Background Actor
per month

Sometimes the best part about movies are the extras. 

In this tier you'll receive:

 •  A heartfelt thank you

You'll receive a thank you from us for helping support and keep this mod alive. We couldn't do it without you!

Guest Star
per month

When a daytime T.V. show is starting to hit a ratings slump, they call in a guest star. Not any guest star, but you. Your talent, skill, and stardom will bring that something special to any show. 

In this tier you'll receive:

 •  A contributor Discord role

 •  Access to an exclusive contributor Discord channel

 •  All previous rewards

Includes Discord rewards
Supporting Actor
per month

A Supporting Actor is the unsung hero in any star's path towards a Starlight Accolade. 

In this tier you'll receive:

 •  Final build early access (after beta testing)
•  View our full future feature list
•  Stand out!

 •  All previous rewards 

Stand out! includes:

 •  Custom nickname color (launcher)

 •  Custom server icon (launcher)

 •  Custom colored Plumbob (in-game) 

Note: Stand out! may not be included in the first release, but is guaranteed to be added down the road.

Includes Discord rewards

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