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Assured Reality
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We at Simulacra Studios are happy to be confirm that members of this reward tier are verifiably real and not holographicly projected background characters made for the benefit of some other entity. As if relief from that existential dread were not enough, we also provide the following:

  • Access to the Simulacra Studios Discord, where all GMs and Players of Simulacra Studios games chat about their campaigns and characters.

  • Private RSS feed for all our audio releases, updated at least a week before public release!

  • Behind the Screen goodies: Character sheets, art, backstories for all Simulacra Studios games

  • Eternal Gratitude: Your chosen name will be placed on a list. That list will be displayed on our website, in our Discord and in every SimulacraTV video broadcast/VoDcast. In this way we will honor you.
Includes Discord benefits
Creeping Doubts
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Congratulations! You will now be assailed by doubts about the nature of reality and its value. By what authority does Simulacra Studios grant confirmation of genuine reality? Who or what is pulling the strings of this s***show cosmos? Distract yourself with these baubles:

  • Everything from the $1 tier.
  • Access to all Vlog posts, of which there will be at least once a month! Topics will include RPG reviews, con reports, NPC creation and anything else we can come up with!
  • Transitory, but Superior, Gratitude: We add you to the roster of folks who receive thanks from PCs and NPCs at the end of every Simulacra Studios release.
  • Submit a NPC for each of our current and upcoming campaigns and we'll incorporate it into the game!
Includes Discord benefits
Blissful Ignorance
per month
Everything is fine. No more doubts. No more questions. Reality is as simple and mundane as it appears to be. You're fine. You're real. Enjoy these delights. Shhhhhhhh...

  • Everything from the $1 and $5 tiers.
  • An open invitation to play in The Simulacra, a quarterly online livestream campaign. Play your favorite PC from any setting and join in the weirdness. 
  • Tangible Gratitude: maintain your Patronage at this level for six months and get a physical gift from Simulacra Studios at the end of each year. 
Includes Discord benefits




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Alright, we're going to need you to stay with us for a bit, OK? So, you know Table Top Role Playing? That thing that started off with D&D and since spawned thousands of games in all sorts of genres? That thing with the dice and character sheets that you do with your buddies in someones basement, dorm room or game store?

People watch other people do that now. Sometimes people PAY to watch other people do that now. Freakin' internet, man.

With this in mind Simulacra Studios are throwing our hat into that ring, and are ready to make high quality Table Top RPG Podcasts, Vodcasts and Live Streams. All our core content will always be free, but we have tons of behind the screen goodies, displays of gratitude and opportunities to get in on the action for our Patrons.

Please support our love of gaming, and we promise you'll like what you see when you get a chance to peek behind the GMs screen.

Current Campaigns

Throne of Amber (Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game): A passion project, Throne of Amber is a classic Throne War scenario designed as a love letter to Corwin Saga of the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. This campaign is being released as a audio podcast at first, and will have an "Illustrated" version released on YouTube with art created by the players and fans.

Burn It Down (Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition): This game of poltitics and personal horror will follow a coterie of Anarchs who struggle against the other sects as they attempt to rebuild Atlanta as a Free State to rival Southern California. This campaign will be livestreamed on Twitch every other Wednesday at 7pm EST and available as a podcast and on YouTube

Imperial Truth (WH40K: Wrath and Glory)
Following the exploits of a squad of Inquisitorial Acolytes as they investigate heresy and disloyalty on the Hive world of Piety. Run by Matthew Malis (@bioimportance on Twitter), this campaign will be live on Twitch every Thursday at 8pm EST, and available as a podcast and on YouTube
Upcoming Campaigns

Note: these games are in development. If you are interested in playing, contact us.

Untitled (Trinity Continuum: Æon): A genre-hopping, setting-spanning game that will explore the weird, wild worlds of the best sci-fi game ever written (no bias, promise). This campaign will be livestreamed on Twitch and available as a podcast and on YouTube.

Untitled (Blades in the Dark): Set in the world of Scott Lynch's 'Gentleman Bastards' stories, this dark fantasy campaign is going to go to dark, strange places. The fewer secrets revealed, the better. This campaign will be livestreamed on Twitch and available as a podcast and on YouTube.

Untitled (AcqInc/D&D): Good old D&D. Going to admit, not a favorite around here. BUT. Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast is putting out an Acquisitions Incorporated book... and so there really isn't any choice. This campaign will be livestreamed on Twitch and available as a podcast and on YouTube.

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