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About Sinbulvinter

About The Author:

I go by the pen name of Sinbulvinter and I'm a twenty-five year old aspiring writer.   I'm on disability and I'm a stay-at-home Mother of Two, a three year old daughter and newborn son.   

Writing has been a hobby of mine for years and started writing when I was around thirteen but only began really working on the actual skill a few years ago.  I write mostly within the horror/psychological thriller genre and write mostly novels and short stories.  Some of my content is kind of disturbing, and features some touchy subjects that may upset a sensitive reader.

About My Patreon:

I started this patreon to not only share my joy of writing with others and hopefully make some friends in the community, but also to provide a better life for my family then the one I've had growing up.  I grew up in a very low-income home as a child and, as an adult, even became homeless for some time.  I was the type of person who never really had anything growing up or as an adult and I want to give a better life to my two children. 

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Drama, Fiction and Nonfiction.

Poems vary in size.
Short Stories aim from 5k words to 10k, but maybe more or less.
Novel chapters are usually around 3k to 5k per chapter, and 20-30 chapters per novel.

I'm hoping that I can gain some supporters on here and maybe get well enough off to help support my family with my hobby.  Thanks to anyone who becomes a patron.  It really means a lot.  
$0 of $2,000 per month
When I reach $2000 a month, I'll move into a nicer place for my family.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post