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About Sinclair Lore

About The Snack Covenant
The Snack Covenant is an umbrella term for various podcasts about games, anime, movies, culture, table top RPGs, art and other things.
TSC spawned various characters such as Nostradamus the Vampire, Ebrooitus, the Little Slug Who Cannot Lie and Rude ET.
The Snack Covenant had the honor of having other creators on as well. For example: Michela, Autumn, Bean, Aegon, Redgrave, Dahlia, Saint Riot, Kayin, Dalek, Martin, Gary, Vaati etc.

  • All of the content can be found here
  • The Snack Covenant is a podcast about Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Demons Souls and other From Software games. We explore the lore, the story and the beauty of the Souls Games. We also touch on other games and topics.
  • Gaming in the Yeltsin Years is a podcast where we talk about retro games.
  • It Can't Be Helped is a podcast where we talk about anime.
  • The Policy is an episode by episode analysis of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
  • The Cryptid Podcast is the one about the cryptids.

About the Hosts
Long story short, Sin's good content got corrupted when Richie and Sin recorded the Queen of Lothicc. It was supposed to be a one time podcast, yet here we are, years later.
  • Richie Pilbeam (aka JSF, aka Jerks Sans Frontieres) is the bully of 2020.
  • Sinclair Lore is a brilliant strategist and a loracle.

About Patreon
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Thank you for all your support and positivity. We wouldn't have made it this far without your help <3
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Another Elden Ring Podcast! 
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