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You've chosen to support me. And that means a lot to me. Please understand you can always come back to this or even follow for free should times get hard. 


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About Singano

Hey All!

This is Singano, I write. This account was made with the purpose of making art a sustainable outlet for me.

All my work is available for free here, you don't have to subscribe to access it and the subscriptions are a show of support more so than anything :)

In reward tiers I'll be honest, for most part it's just a pretty title there is little incentive. And i have no interest in making any of my work exclusive to higher paying patrons. I understand that the amount offered has to do with financial ability more so than perceived value of my work.

The exceptions are:
At 20$ you get a free short story or poem commission, give me a general theme and notes and I'll make you something. I'm unfortunately as of now busy so patience would be really appreciated. You may e-mail me directly to claim at [email protected]

For Patrons who have supported me for over 6 months or above 50$ you get an acknowledgement in all my future finished work.
I can within reason insert characters or ideas coming from any of the above too in my stories.

Important to state that if you are not familiar with this platform. Patreon charges you monthly. Usually only on the first. So.
-Please keep that in mind when choosing the amount to pledge. As much as i appreciate the effort. Don't pledge anything you can't afford to spend monthly. 
-You can pledge at any time of the month if you're certain that by the 1st you will have the amount available.

My first chapbook titled The Beast  has been published. (I promise it is not as corny as the name would make it seem)

I'm currently working one Novella, that as of yet is called "Asuran Lure", you can find a few Chapters here! I'm also working on a Chapbook for the last two years. I'm almost done! And a big ass novel which will take me a *while* to show to the world. Until then I will be publishing individual pieces hopefully once a month, maybe more.

If possible and within your heart to support the following by following, donating or commissioning
Rosana (Visual Artist)
Joshua (Writer and Mentor)
Zaheer (Poet)
Wanini (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Jellajam (Digital Artist)
Mumtaz (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Bbychakra (Digital Artist)
Florin (Visual Artist)
Jonathan (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Jay (Writer/Editor)
Theodore (Harpist)
Veon (Writer)
Elizabeth (Writer)
Gwendolyn (Visual Artist)
Khrystenne (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Asant (Writer)
Rosie (Multidisciplinary Artist)
Nyambura (Multidisciplinary Artist and Archivist)

I hope this proves informative. Please feel free to ask for any clarification. and i hope you find my work good enough to stay for more. Thank you for your kindness/support.
$214.33 of $300 per month
My first goal is to be able to reach 300$ a month, I've actually come close to this a few times but never truly reached. It was created when I was unemployed and house insecure, with the goal of being able to sustain myself at a bare level. 
A lot of things have changed since then. But this goal remains personal and it would symbolize a lot to me, but at its very essence, worth. It would mean I can sustain myself by doing what I love, if only barely. 
I have no commitment to make to this goal. Earlier I promised short stories. But I already do those freely.
I also commission header art. And I have a paid editor. Any of the small commitments I am able to offer are already given.
And they are done so as a genuine appreciation of your support
And I hope you can help me reach this goal with the same energy. As a genuine appreciation of the work for itself.
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