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About SinisterEternity

Hello and welcome to my Patreon!
I create Illustrations and sometimes animations, mostly based on Fantasy themes.
I am an aspiring Freelancer, now that I wasted spent 2 years unsuccessfully applying for Jobs offline. Mostly that was to please my parents, even though my real "dream" is to simply work with other creative people (which my country does not offer unfortunately), or by myself creating content and bringing my headworlds to life. So here I am, preferring to take a step forward rather than sit back and wait for job places to take me. I'm struggling enough as it is, I simply won't give up. I have hopes that if I still cannot find a job offline, I can at least make something off my art, all the while providing people with pictures to (hopefully) fill their dreams and imagination with!

If you would like to support me and my work, please know that you have my most sincere gratitude! By subscribing to this Patreon, you will receive several perks depending on the Tier, that range from:

Sketches/WIPs of my works, Full-size pictures, Sketch requests, PSD files of some drawings (in the future), Sketches I struggle with or gave up on, older artwork, slots for Drawing requests, and more in the future!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have been creating stories since..Well, for as long as I can remember, actually; the bigger one seeing light near 2009, while three other stories came to be afterwards.

The first takes place in a Medieval Fantasy world, with knights, dragons, kings and queens, magic, and all you can ask for! It is my biggest one so far, but majority of it still remains unwritten. It goes by the placeholder name of "Drilled Rose" currently; and has never been uploaded online. Yet.

The second one is a story about a group of dragons, going on a journey to rid the world of the Evil god, Maledictus. This one goes by the name of "Dark Memories", and consists of mostly dragon characters.

The third is a story about two Birds, Jaeger the Secretary Bird, and Asar the Egyptian Vulture. This story has to be rewritten entirely, as I am not currently happy with the direction I was taking it in. This is where some of the Spirits come from, namely my Shapeshifter character, Faust. Additionally, the story of Jaeger and Asar loosely ties to Drilled Rose in the end.

And lastly, the fourth is a story about a young man, Jayden Skyler, finding a Fire Dragon called Kovaa Liekki, and the hardships and obstacles they encounter as they try to strengthen their bond, between Dragon, and Rider! This one currently goes by the name of "Windsong", though that may change later.

- - - - - - -

Thank you for your time!
Stay awesome~
$32 of $200 per month
This Goal is mostly for a fee I need to pay every month, as it means a lot to me. It isn't much in comparison to what we need to pay in terms of bills, but it is a start, and being able to pay it off while creating for myself and others would be like a dream come true!

Reaching this Goal would also enable me, like many others, to focus on my Art and projects a lot more, meaning I could finally work on my Stories and eventually turn them into webcomics for everybody to dive in a read! :D (in which case a new tier/benefit would be added, for early comic pages and so on!)

Regardless, any help is appreciated and I am truly grateful! <3
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