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I don't know, but I kinda like what you do

$1 /mo
You send $1 each month, helping someone else who puts it to good use. That's the whole reward.

You also keep me healthy because for every patron, no matter the amount, I jump around the house ha...


Go, Sinna, go!

$2 /mo
Regarding me as a person:

Your rewards for giving $2 or more every month:
Regarding my projects:

  • I answer most mails and messages, but you just made a...

Sinna's Secrets

$20 /mo
I am not Victoria, but send $20 or more every month and receive:
Regarding my projects:
Regarding me as a person:
  • Traffic and sales boost collaboration with me...

Sinna's guardian

$200 /mo
  • Only for special fans who really want and can afford to send this much
  • Creation of custom products possible. Contact me :)