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Seriously though, its the small donations that make the difference.  Thank you!
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About Siobhan Shiva

What you're supporting is a small production studio which makes acrobatic musical adventures. You can see the example of our first ever project (Phoenix Rising) which had a budget around $1,000. It was funded by Siobhan Shiva and Kasey Rose.

It would be awesome to be supported by the community.

Give us your support and we'll give you songs and music videos!

Your budget will support:
Set Design
My music!

$5 of $2,000 per Song or Music Video
We'll make a music video to my White Rabbit song!

I want to hire a performance group called "The Narrators" to be the creative vision behind this music video. $2,000 would give me a minimalist budget to hire the performers, buying lighting equipment, and work with a videographer. It is a pretty small amount of money to make a music video but I know we can make it work!

The music videos are going to happen whether or not we hit this limit by the way. :)
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