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Welcome to the Sitcom Geeks Patreon page, friends.

If you enjoy the things we do, and you'd like us to carry on doing them, and you'd like to HELP us carry on doing them, well now you can.

And these are:
A fortnightly podcast about the process of comedy writing, interviews with the top practitioners, all the latest comedy news...

...and if you become a member:

Early access to all our content

The brand new sitcom we're writing - which you can help with

Free books by Dave and James

Your script analysed

Crowdfunding is a way for people to directly support and sustain artists and creators whose work means something to them, in a collaborative framework, making it possible for those artists and creators to carry on being inventive and risky. The companies we have always worked for are becoming more risk averse, crowdfunding is simply asking you as individuals who have supported us over the years to take on a small part of that risk.

We don’t mind giving stuff away, as our 100+ podcasts and dozens of comedy writing blogs testify. And not everyone CAN pay. But somebody has to get paid at some point or one day there won't BE any content. If the only people who can make comedy are the mainstream or the independently wealthy, there’ll soon be nothing to choose from.

DAVE: I realise it’s selfish, but one of the reasons I started to teach comedy writing was because I wanted to learn it. Everything up until then had been instinctive, picked up on the job, working around others. And since I began teaching in 2006 I have become much gooder at riteing.

I know there are plenty of great teachers out there who aren’t necessarily masters of the craft itself, but I’m not sure it’s possible to communicate well about comedy if you’re not spending most of your time doing it.

JAMES: In the ideal world we would be like the many pro writers we knew from 20 and even 10 years ago, spending five days a week writing TV and radio episodes of our own shows, or being around when they’re being shot or recorded. Indeed, for a few years we were them. The reality is that there are now almost no comedy writers in that position.

Which is where you come in.

We love recording the podcasts and we want to do more. With your help we've been able to continue and we're excited to be working on this new project. We're looking forward to seeing where this leads, tell your friends to come and join us as we embark on the creation of a brand new sitcom...
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... we do more topical interviews with writers whose work is on TV and radio at the time, read more of your ten page challenges...
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