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This sometimes take 48 hours or more to produce after match day.

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About Skegness Town AFC - Video Team

We record matches and football related videos for Skegness Town AFC and its Junior Football club. Then edit that footage and distribute to fans of the club and the community via social media, we do this as fans ourselves and as volunteers. Hopefully our efforts to promote the club will in turn lead to more fans and more people enjoying the match day atmosphere at the Vertigo Stadium.

Patreon is a great way for those of you that enjoy our videos to support us. It takes many hours to produce a video from the footage we record. Equipment is basic and while functional it would be nice to afford more advanced technology. Your support will cover our expenses, even a couple of pounds will buy us a warm drink on those cold wet match days at the Vertigo.

But before this starts sounding like a charity, asking for that one pound to buy a hot meal for homeless football addict.

We do this as volunteers, and the Club gives us access to our Home Team, so we are already very happy to bring you Highlights of every home game. We will continue to record videos for the junior football club, giving parents a way to relive their children's football moments. It is our pleasure to capture those moments for this football club, its fans and the community surrounding it.

So Patreon is not a charity, Patreon rewards your generous pledges with extra benefits. More videos, different types of videos, and greater access to your Home Team and though us, a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. To support us, simply look through the list of rewards on offer and set up a monthly pledge. Patreon will securely take care of everything else.

Thank you.

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When we reach $75 (£60) per month, that just about covers the time we spend editing and uploading videos for the community at a minimum wage. So we should start doing more videos of different types to volunteer more hours to the clubs growth.

Interviewing players and managers to get behind the scenes information, and ask the questions you want asked. More voice over videos to give greater information and fan opinions on how the club is doing. Giving the community more content to watch and share about your local club.
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