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About Skeleheron

Hello! I’m the Skeleheron and I want to write.

Specifically, I want to write short stories - mostly horror, although I’m also interested in dipping into sci-fi and urban fantasy from time to time.

With your support, I'll aim to write at least three short stories a month, or at least four chapters of a novella. What I focus on will largely be dependent on what I want to write at any given time, but I’d also like to give Patrons the chance to influence my output.

If you've read my writing previously, this pace may not blow your socks off. Once upon a time I was able to churn out over 120k words a month fuelled by wine and insomnia. But those words were terrible, I hated them, and I deleted them. I can do better. I want to do better. I want to share something that's engaging, exciting, and compels you to keep going. I can only do that if I have time.

If you enjoy what I do and want to help make it possible for me to write more with less stress – you smashing person you - then your backing would mean the world to me.

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If I reach this goal, it would help me breathe a lot easier, focus less on the day job, and know that this whole writing business is something worth investing more of myself into.
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