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About Sketch Comedy Podcast Show

"Sketch Comedy Podcast Show" starts with a conversation and ends with an improvised comedy sketch! It's the most unique "interview" show on the internet!

Host Stuart Rice invites interesting people onto his show: actors, scientists, musicians, directors, doctors, therapists, people that are experts in their respective fields and gets them really comfortable so that they open up and have a conversation.

What usually ensues is almost magical. People open up a lot and discuss all sorts of stories... like the therapist who let out that her father was a U.S. spy, or the fellow podcaster who also turned out to be a Bee Gees expert, or the game enthusiast who successfully robbed banks for a while... these stories are amazing!

After about a half-hour, Stuart peruses the notes that he made and comes up with around 3 comedy sketches based on what was discussed. Then, Stuart and the guest completely improvise the comedy sketch right then-and-there! Afterwards, the sketch is produced and cleaned up and presented to you, the listening audience.

All of the guests who have been on the show love the format and have found that this is one of the best podcast guest experiences they have had. It also happens to be the most fun to listen to afterwards!

Why should you spend a dollar to become a "SuperFAN"? It's a good question. You should do it if you enjoy supporting the arts. You should do it because you know Stuart and know that he spends no less than 8 hours on each episode including the editing, the artwork and all of the promotion. You should do it because you enjoy the show and would like to hear more people's interesting stories; because there are a lot of great stories that have not been heard and turned into comedy sketches!

At the very least, enjoy the show. If you do enjoy the show, you do not have to give money, but it would be incredible if you left a review where you listen to the show, or on YouTube, subscribe to the show via iTunes, Google, Stitcher or wherever you would like to listen, or just drop a line and say that you enjoy it! Toiling away at a screen is hard work, but a quick comment makes it well worth it.

What is in store for the future of "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show"? Stuart believes that this show's format has potential, and would love to turn it into a stage show where the sketches could be acted out in front of others. There has been talk of producing the show for television. Most important, Stuart would love to make this show important to the people that listen, so whatever way sounds the best for you to experience the show, that's what he would like to do!

Thank you in advance for listening. Stuart hopes you enjoyed the show, he does enjoy making it, and would love to continue to add value to your daily commute.
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