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About SkintGirafde

Howdy y'all! My name is Skint.

I am a pipe cleaner artist, aka I make pipe cleaner figures, and I post them on Reddit, Imgur and Discord! I wanna continue doing this in the future so...... help a brother out? I know some of you out there LOVE my pipe cleaner figures and wanna see more, and I wanna make more for you to see, and that's where you guys come in! If you you're able and wiling, please donate as much as you feel comfortable with, it could be one dollar or a hundred dollars, it's up to you and if I make enough, I can continue to pop out more pipe cleaner stuff and I might end up taking requests and see what you guys want me to make, from Transformers to Godzilla to OCs or anything else and I might, might end up mass producing them so some of you can have a pipe cleaner figure made by yours truly!

Here's my Reddit account if y'all don't believe me
My Imgur
And Discord servers I'm a part of so feel free to DM me

See you guys soon and from my family to yours, keep your pants dry and your dreams wet and remember, hugs not drugs

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