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About Skipperino

Hello! Many of you know who I am and what I do. For those that don't, basically I skip the beginning part of Kripparrian's videos where he talks before showing the gameplay, and post the timestamp in the comment section as fast as possible. It's been almost 3 years of it now and throughout that time, ive had many people tell me to make a Patreon page (believe it or not). The money I get from this page (if any) will go towards computer components to get a nice PC to stream with and make better quality content on my channel. Thank you guys for all your support and thank you to anyone who supports this page! :) * Sorry the rewards are bad, im still trying to think of better ones :( *
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$500 dollars is what (at the time of 2/17/18) I need to get a new computer. I currently have 1,000 of my own dollars that i've worked for and will continue to reduce the amount needed as I get my my weekly paychecks. Any support through donating or supportive comments is appreciated!
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