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About Skullcap SaVant

This channel decodes the occult ciphers and spells in the everyday world around us. The content covered here will assist and educate the viewer in a more clear understanding of the practice of Steganography, and how the "power elite" and "alien contingent" are likely to use such as a technology against the public... to keep them asleep in their conquest for control. A donation to this channel supports my ongoing research so more time can be devoted to the study and production of presentations around these themes and grants you access to exclusive videos that focus on topics that are censored on YouTube.

Predominant Stegonography themes include the glyph/letter "V" and its conjugate form the Greek LAMBDA, the letter "Z" and sometimes "X" (for a more comprehensive dive into X, find the 'Dark Journalist' aka Daniel Liszt for more) and the methods by which they control the minds of men: The Earth Grid Control Network (or DC Parasite Network - as popularized by the Florida Maquis' research). 

The metaphysical 'Metaphor of the Medium' (brought into such terms by the Hermeticist Giordano Bruno) is at play throughout and manifests itself in popularized stories with DEEP metaphysical mythos to include: 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Oedipus Rex', 'Dune', 'Star Wars' and more.

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