is creating (well, managing) a Minecraft server.

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A monthly donation of one dollar (and six cents of Patreon tax), besides buying near a week of server time, will give you a reserved slot on the server. Never struggle to get on again! You'll also get permission to use Wing Effects (from SuperTrails).
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A one-time donation of $1.25 goes to the "emergency server fund," to keep us afloat in case something bad happens. It'll also net you access to Particle Effects from SuperTrails, which are pretty nifty! Remember to cancel after your first payment, Patreon doesn't allow for one-time donations in a sensible way :(
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This is enough for a whole month! Also happens to be the price of a modest lunch. Hey, there's a reason Ora makes her own lunches...

There isn't really a reward at this tier because I don't want to encourage people to throw more money at the server than they can afford. But it is a sort of visual marker for server costs. 




per month


(it's because Paypal would eat up a third of our monthly run cost, which is ludicrous)

Hey there, folks! Thanks for your interest in supporting the server. I'd like to clarify something--this is not and should never be a "server shop." I don't ever want folks to have to pay to have fun, but we do offer some perks to say thanks to helping us keep running (and in all fairness, if you're helping to keep us up, it's only fair to give you a guaranteed spot). With that out of the way, welcome to our Patreon!

All donations made on this page go directly to funding the server. The best thing about Sky Rising is its community, and the only way to help that community keep growing is to let people on the server. We opened up donations because we kept hitting our slot limit--and given our goal of being a warm and inclusive community, locking people out is extra awful. So thanks for helping us grow!

If you'd like to help us but can't spare cash, check out this post. And thank you for getting involved!
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It costs $3 per month to keep the server open.
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