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Thank you for taking time to look at our project. My name is Josh Noftz and as a 9-year-old kid, lying in my room, reading one of the coolest comic books that ever existed, I never would've imagined in a million years that I'd have the ability (much less the know-how) to bring that amazing imagery to life.

26 years later, here we are, and we have Sleepwalker, Episode 01, in the can! We've shot for 15+ days, at more than 20 locations, with over 100 actors, and a ton of blood, sweat and dreams. Now, we are in post-production creating the sound design, score and visual effects. 

It was always my dream to create this on my own, out of my own pocket, mainly because I wanted nothing more than to see sleepwalker in action on the big screen. We wrote an ambitious and called in a ton of favors from friends and super-talented filmmakers and actors. I am a freelance artist with a wife and two kids and as you can imagine, life happened and this project took much longer to get off the ground than expected. But now! Now, we have everything we need. The hard part is done and we just want to finish the post-production so we can release it to the world.

That's where the Patreon comes in. I've had many people ask me if we had a place to contribute and we didn't because we didn't want to burden others with our crazy ideas. But in the interest of finishing much faster, and hiring some of the talented VFX artists that I know, we wanted to open this avenue to help cross the finish line.

I am always available for questions or feedback and appreciate all the love and support our Sleepwalker project has gotten so far. Sleepyheads are seriously the best fans!

Thank you so much and keep dreaming big!
$15 of $480 per month
This will allow us to finish the Laboratory Scene in which some our favorite Sleepwalker characters are introduced!
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