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With a donation of 4$, you will receive 32 Diamonds and TPA access throughout the server :)  

Includes Discord rewards
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With a donation of 20$ or more, you will receive 64 Diamond blocks and TPA access, elytra wings with 64 fireworks, a special discord tag, and your very own statue (Citizens).

Includes Discord rewards




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About SlowNet

SlowNet is a free to join, Fully Vanilla MC server. Small based community servers are not as good as this one, come join at our discord for a whitelist at

It isn't easy to keep a server running, donations are deeply appreciated, check out our tiers to find out what you will get for your donation!

Anyone who donates gets a MVP or VIP (depending on the donation tier) tag and items of their choice!
$4 of $40 per month
The first dollar is a huge step toward a better sever! Also the fee is 40$ a month to keep this server up and running!
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