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I'm Taylor Quinn, welcome to my Patreon!

I'm a partnered variety streamer (specializing in Stardew Valley) on Twitch, illustrator, and cosplayer. 

I'm deeply dedicated to giving back to the world through charity events, and creating an environment that supports and encourages good physical and mental health. My creations are my way of connecting to those around me, and putting my own little bit of magic into the world. I focus on how our differences as people make us better as a whole, rather than something we should have separate us.

How Your Support Helps.
You put the roof over my head. Thanks to you I have access to the tools needed to stream, and can continue to improve the quality and quantity of my work. Patreon helps fund convention trips, better cosplay materials, and on location shoots. Your support is literally everything.

Patronage also gives life to my charity events! By funding costumes, giveaways, and my time to do this, you all contribute to over $15,000 we raised for charity in my first year of full time streaming; while a portion of my monthly Twitch subscriber income goes to a charity, all Patreon support goes directly to my creation of cosplays, youtube videos, illustrations, and living expenses.

Twitch Streams. 
I stream live on Twitch 4 times a week, with bonus streams announced on Twitter
All times Pacific
  • Wednesday 3PM
  • Thursday 3PM
  • Friday 3PM
  • Saturday 3PM

I've started my hand in custom photoshoots. I do everything from fun selfies in local places, to destination shoots with specific themes. Starting in January 2020 I have a goal of one to two photosets a month, one of a more serious character portrayal and one for funsies. My work can contain more adult themes so always look for the #NSFW before opening any attached photos. ❤

I work to post once a month on my channel with work ranging from Twitch highlights and vlogs, to cosplay mini movies. You can subscribe to my channel here and suggest ideas for videos via comments, discord chat, or direct messages as a Patron.

❤ Some FAQs ❤
I just signed up, can I get rewards from previous months?
All Patreon posted content will be unlocked upon support, however any direct rewards sent via email or mail at this time is per month and accessed only if you supported during that time.

Is the content here exclusive?
It is available to patrons first! Potentially some work after a long waiting period (6 months to a year) will be posted publicly here, or on other social media platforms but this is not guaranteed so sign up if you really don't want to miss anything! 

Can I support in other ways?
Be an active viewer and chatter in my Twitch channel. Other than that, you can support me outside of Patreon by following and sharing my work through social media: Twitter, personal Instagram, and art Instagram, or you can also choose to make a one time tip on Ko-fi.

How can I contact you?
Provide anonymous feedback or ask questions on Curious Cat or Twitter
Business inquiries can be emailed to [email protected]

95% complete
Through the lookign glass.
Photo shoots, photo shoots, photo shoots. I can start putting aside more income towards costumes for charity events as well as diving deeper into the world of cosplay/modelling for Patreon rewards and social media for all to enjoy.
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