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is creating a podcast, or at least asking Can We Start a Podcast?
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Of course you can be our fan! For less than literally 90% of the things you buy in a month, you can support this podcast and make us the happiest Smadams ever. But we won’t leave you empty handed. In return, you’ll get: 
  • Our love and deep gratitude!
  • Special bonus episodes released here on Patreon!
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You’re willing to give up one cup of slightly overpriced coffee a month to support our podcast? You really are a superfan! And your support will not go unnoticed! On this level, you will get:
  • All the first level stuff including our love, deep gratitude, and special bonus episodes
  • PDF’s of the original scripts and treatments we make for each episode, with comments from us that will give you a look into our weird creative process 

Can we be a Smadam?
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Wow. If you’re on this level, then you’re the type of person that’s like, “I’d spend five bucks a month to see them on stage in an improv show for half an hour. I might as well spend it on their show which I can listen to for hours in the comfort of my own home.” And let us tell you, that kind of thinking is just what Smadam needs. So, now that you’re Smdam, you need something to show for it: 
  • All the first and second level stuff including our love, deep gratitude, special bonus episodes, and PDF’s of the original scripts and treatments we make for each episode
  • An official Smadam Productions sticker 
  • Special bonus content such as sneak peeks at our short films, behind-the-scenes content, and more!



About Smadam Productions

Smadam Productions is comprised of two smadams - Julia and Alec. After dabbling in the Chicago improv scene and making a few short films, they decided to plunge into the wonderful world of podcasting by asking the question so many of us ask, “Can We Start a Podcast?” Every episode, Julia and Alec try something new, whether it’s a polyamorous relationship advice show or a zombie apocalypse audio drama. And it's all made possibly by YOUR support! We couldn't possibly start any kind of podcast if it wasn't for the help from our amazing patrons! Thank you for pledging on our Patreon page!
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This might seem small, but if we this many patrons, it will be HUGE for the podcast!
  • Most importantly, this will show some pretty decent support for the show and will encourage us to keep it going.
  • Additionally, this would totally cover the costs for AT LEAST two seasons a year, which is our goal starting in 2018
If we hit this goal, you can definitely expect a cute thank you video and some hot special bonus content for our patrons!
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