Smallwood Arts is creating Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting and more..

Little Biters

$1 /creation
For this noble contribution I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Ever little bit helps and you keep me creating!

Bigger Bites

$5 /creation
Include your email and You will get a digital "thank you" desktop image that you can keep to remind you that every little bit helps! Thank you.

Healthy Helping

$20 /creation
For all you beautiful people who help my on this creative journey I will send you a work of art. It could be a drawing, a print, a painting or other work that I am inspired to create as thanks for ...

Understudy of Awesome

$50 /creation
For all you beautiful people who so generously help me toward my creative goals I will sit down and make a short little thank you video just for you!  I will also send you a work of my Original art...