is creating 3D Art and Animation.
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By pledging $1 you'll get wips/timelapses of various models for viewing! I'll be updating this a frequently as I can, also! 
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 By pledging $2 you'll get wire-frame turnarounds, and or regular turnarounds of various models for viewing! I'll be updating this as frequently as I can, also!   




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About SmashingRenders

Hiya folks! I'm Reyes, or as I go by online: SmashingRenders! Art's always been something I loved, ever since I was a young kid (even though I am still kinda one now. :'D)! I'd spend hours playing with PlayDough, then modeling clay, then clay & drawing, ditched the clay and went onto digital drawing, I even messed around with sewing, even though I wasn't - and still am not - good at that! Hah. But I finally ended up playing around in Blender, with 3D art! Which is just awesome, even if a bit tedious at times. Hah. 
Been a long and bumpy ride! Still is pretty bumpy. So, by supporting me on Patreon, you'd help to ensure I can keep on making art for all to enjoy (and that I don't end on the street, 'cause ya can't use a computer there!), which hopefully they do enjoy! Ah hah.
I'll even offer some wips, wireframe/regular turnarounds of models from time to time for those who pledge! :) With more to come as I get better with this. ^^;


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