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About SmithBrandy

For over 25 years I've been fascinated by the concept of Sense of Place and how it arises from the intertwining of culture and nature, connecting us to the land. The project gives me an irresistible opportunity to walk and paint this ancient pilgrimage route that's been an integral part of the landscape since 950AD. Donkeys have been walking this route alongside pilgrims since the beginning, so Midas seems to be a perfect companion.
<figure><figcaption>'Le Pont Romain', one of my plein air paintings in soft pastel</figcaption></figure>
Combining plein air painting with walking will slow down today's hectic pace of life. It will let the story of the landscape gradually unfold, allowing me to really engage with all the elements that create a sense of place. This work will reflect both the fleeting nature of the moment and the timelessness of this ancient route.
<figure><figcaption>Painting en plein air</figcaption></figure>
Let me lead you down this historic path over mountains, across stone bridges, through old coppiced woodland, alongside stone walls and past sacred springs and churches and share my conversation with the landscape with you. It's an ambitious journey, but can be possible with your help! All donations big and small make a difference. Please do anything you can to help me reach my goal!

This is Me

<figure><figcaption>Hi Everyone! This is me</figcaption></figure>
A wonderful childhood spent playing in woods, meadows and heaths has made me an artist and explorer and for that I'm grateful. I fell in love with outdoor painting when I moved from England to Canada and have been painting the wild landscapes and seascapes of Western America and Canada ever since.
Plein air painting forces me to engage in the moment, frees me to leave the studio and fully experience nature; to look rather than copy, to feel rather than analyse. Painting from life, responding directly to the subject, is an addictive and exhilarating way of working and allows the emotion and connection to be reflected in my art.

This is Midas

<figure><figcaption>This is Midas</figcaption></figure>
Midas loves cuddles. He especially loves having his withers scratched and the inside of those beautiful ears rubbed. He also loves eating, so is delighted that I'll be stopping regularly to paint so that he can indulge in his favourite past-time.

A Bit About The Rewards

All donations big and small make a difference, as does sharing on all social media. Please do anything you can to help me reach my goal!
Original Plein Air Paintings - Patron Rewards
<figure><figcaption>Some examples of my plein air pastel paintings, all done in France winter 2017-18. Backers can expect to receive paintings similar to these</figcaption></figure>
Every 5 miles along this 1000 mile walk, I'll be stopping to paint en plein air. When you have pledged for this reward, AND the project is successfully funded, I will contact you by email (via Kickstarter) and you can choose a number from 1 to 200 which represents a 5-mile stretch on the map (see link below) and back the painting from that part of the walk.

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