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About Smn Mhmdy

I made a demo for a horror game I had in mind for quite a while, and I was blown away by how much people supported me on this journey. We're now working on Dim the full game!

Why do I need crowdfunding?
I'm currently studying at college and also working full time. I worked on the demo as a hobby in my free time, so if I want to work on this game seriously and persistent, I need to quit my job and focus on this project, Therefore I need a way to afford my life and college costs while I'm also gathering a team and renting an office to begin working on the game.
I completely understand that the demo had it's own issues especially in the areas that I wasn't skilled enough. I need financial support to gather a skilled team, to reach the teams maximum productivity level, and to ensure that we're doing our best to deliver an intense, unforgettable experience.

What I've been doing since the release of the demo?
I was mainly working on few assets and sound effects on my free time. I also worked on the story quite a bit so now I have a full picture on the paper.

What are my plans for the Dim?
I want to try new things, I've been working on a few scenarios which I can't wait to share with you in the full game! As an individual, Indie developer, The game was a huge success and people from United States, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Russia, Greece, Brazil, Denmark and ... have played the demo. I'm really grateful and looking forward to expand upon the experience they had so far, in the final game. I currently have Windows, MacOS and possibly Android in my mind for the games target platforms, But I'll definitely think about consoles in the future if the project meet certain requirements. Note: Tiers and goals are currently in their initial states. I'll probably modify them as soon as we start working on the game.

Oh! and you can play Dim - Playable Demo for free on and Gamejolt
Thank you for your support!
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