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I’m an indie game developer from Sweden, living in Argentina. I make little games, mainly for mobile at the moment, to learn and try out concepts for possible big future projects. I try to make games for the weird little girl I used to be. Games targeted at girls are usually really soulless and boring. I try to make games that keep their femininity, but are funny, creative and interesting. 
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I’m working on creating my second mobile game. The basic idea behind it is to create a super customizable sewing game. You’ll be able to decide the exact lenght of garments, draw your own patterns, choose things like pockets, buttons, sleeves, fabrics etc. Anything you could imagine, I want you to be able to visualize in the game.

Since it’s just me making it, and I’m targeting mobile, the style will be simplistic lowpoly 3d. 

So far I have a prototype in unity, a couple of 3d-models and some sketches of ui.

The reason I need money is partly because I won’t have any other income, and also because I really want the game to be multiplayer, in the sense that you can visit other players clothing collections. And for that I need to buy server space. The money I’m asking would cover a good server, and me getting food and electricity for the computer. 

If you want to see what my first game is like, it’s available in appstore and playstore. It’s called ”Diotos”. I’d really love to make Diotos multiplayer too, so if I get enough for a server, both games could probably fit?

xoxo Lina
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