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About Snowfox1st

Hi! You can just call me Snow for now. I also always loved drawing since I was young (go figure right XD) and just recently I've been wanting to actually give animations a chance just because I love making short stories in a comic and or anime style. Why do I want to do this well I originally wanted to write a book but my grammar and sentence structure is not.... how do I say this...'correct'. Soooo, since I am more of a visual type of person be it by learning and or other means I felt like going back into the art world after being in the horrors of retail because of my extreme anti social personality. I just want to continue what I love doing be it by drawing on paper, paint, photos and even arts and crafts so I hope you can enjoy what I do just as much as me.

There are currently 2 stories that i am working on at the moment and those two are;

Story 1) X-Terra: Battle For Home 

This story takes place in an alternate universe and is about an alien race called the All Seers arrive to our planet Earth in attempts make peace and coexist with each other. Peace was achieved for 50 years with our world advancing far more than the human race could ever hope for. However; peace was not maintained due to the greed that humans crave to have more power this lead to the All Seers taking siege of planet Earth. And for our punishment it was decided that it was not for every single person on the planet. The adults were excluded form this punishment,why? Well that was to easy for the them, instead they sent out their children to pay for their mistakes and so they sent out the young varying from the ages of 14-23. Race was not a factor nor was mental or physical disabilities. And so the story takes place with the children and future of mankind to be sent of to another planet with both parties (the young or adults) no knowledge of the world they are about to be sent in to survive and pay for there parents mistakes. 

Story 2) All For Not

A young knight by the name of Oberon was an orphan growing up he did not know who were his parents and was always criticized for his unique looks. Being the tan man that he is with slightly sharp ears however the boy did not look like an elf he did not have the common physical traits of one so he grew up with no idea what of his origin. Oberon's who's dream was to become a royal guard not for the fame or glory but to protect the country that he loved so much despite his difficult upbringing. He is tasked with protecting one of three princess. Specifically the youngest princess Mytriel who so far was winning favor with her father, King Cornelius in succeeding the throne due to her intelligence, charisma, and for her understanding nature. While Oberon was tasked with protecting an important figure both the knight and the princess began to speak with one another and saw each others love for their country and the want to protect in any way they could that was just and in an honorable way. Everything was looking well for the soon to be queen all that was left was to wait for the approval and then the coronation of her new title as queen. But, despite all odds the princess was assassinated weeks before her coronation the killer left quickly and quietly but her most faithful Knight Oberon was now finding her dying into her own pool of blood was framed for her death. So in attempts to escape for being falsely accused he had to flee the country and all the love he had for his country vanished and then swore that he will take revenge on his late queens killer to avenge her death.    

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