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The minimum (and currently only) tier ! Everything contributed is highly appreciated.




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About SnowyKuda

Hey ! That you came by with interest means a lot to me already.

I'm an artist-in-training, still experimenting with styles and colour to see what works. I love art 100%.
About the motive of Patreon:
At the current moment and foreseeable future, I do not see myself walling off my art behind any sorts of paywalls. I get a whole lot more fun out of sharing it and seeing when it makes other people feel happy. Seeing the work of others makes me feel happy, so I want to spread that feeling.
So what would the tiers do?
Well, to say the least, they will serve more to influence what I try to draw. There are two possible results of a tier: One is that every once in a while, there may be a poll/discussion of what people would like to see. (Honestly I'm still figuring this out.) This would be open to any and all supporters.

The higher tiers, when they come, will have more to do with offering discounts and such to things like commissions. However, I currently do not do commissions, and since I won't wall my art, there is no need for more than a $1 tier.
I'd be very thankful for the generosity.

As a reference, I am willing to draw nearly anything;
Cities, animals, humans, robots, spaceships, etc
So long as it can be kept PG13.

Once again I highly appreciate any interest in my page.
$0 of $20 per month
I could afford to dedicate more time to the Patreon community~
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