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Hatchling Green Sea Turtle!
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Hatchling green sea turtles are the size of a cookie, but they can travel hundreds of miles aided only by ocean currents and furious flipper flapping! Southern California's hatchlings are born on the warm beaches of Mexico, then travel all the way up the Pacific coast of Mexico until they reach their adult homes in California!

Juvenile Green Sea Turtle!
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Juvenile green sea turtles are the size of a dinner plate, and they'll eat pretty much anything they can fit into their mouths! This is the smallest size turtle we see here in Southern California.

Young Adult Green Sea Turtle!
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Young adult green turtles are fast and fiesty! We see these most often in the Northern part of their range, near Long Beach and Los Angeles.




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About SoCal Sea Turtles

While most people in Southern California are knowledgeable about marine mammals, few people are aware that sea turtles live close to Southern California's shores year-round! As our human population grows, sea turtles are facing urban threats such as being hit by boats and eating plastic and other marine debris. SoCal Sea Turtles is dedicated to educating the public about how everyone can help our local sea turtles, and learn more about them! We are available to give presentations (live or via Skype/FaceTime) about California's sea turtles at schools, yacht clubs, angling clubs, and anywhere else people who are interested in turtles congregate! We are 100% dependant on donations, and every penny donated goes towards helping California's resident sea turtles.