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 Hi my name is Justin, and I am looking for support to help build my YouTube into an epic cinematic Adventure Fishing Channel focusing on our southern California coast on and off shore. The videos will include informational segments on what it is I am doing, how when and where I am doing it. 
Now as we all know fishing is just that “Fishing” and on our coast we need all the help we can get, on the bright side it looks as if every year our waters are getting better and better for fishing pelagic species. What makes me different from others, I do it all on a small boat. A 14’ Livingston Skiff. People see me out 20 to 30 miles and think I’m insane. Point is we don’t need a big boat to find and catch those dream fish. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, making sure the conditions are safe and you have all the necessary tools to be safe out in the waters so we don’t get stuck in a dangerous bad position. 
I have just started my channel and need help building it to be successful and with everyone’s help,  I could achieve this faster, even if you can’t afford to drop a few bucks, if you could subscribe like and share my channel it would help me out a lot. The channel link will be posted here but you can also look it up, it’s So Cal Skiff Life. Currently as of June 21-2018 I have one video that I literally threw together on my iPad/IMovie  of various footage from cell phones and gopros from being out on the water in the past. The content I plan to create will be shot on several GoPros and a drone, and will be very Cinematic. Edited on Adobe  premier and I hope you will all check it out and enjoy it as much as I like creating it. 
Thank you all in advance for your support. Don’t forget to click the notification bell on YouTube when you subscribe to keep up to date with my videos. 

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