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Friends new and old, thank you for directing your attention to this globally focused social purpose video project. Hope you enjoyed our uncut intro video. 

Your contributions allow Sky Traffic Media to offer Social Purpose projects and Humanitarian organizations promotional awareness videos at NO cost. 

Social purpose projects are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together for the good of humans and the environment.

Providing these not-for-profit projects with video productions will help them connect with a larger support base, and will help people like yourself find creative ways to contribute to the good that is happening in the the United States and abroad. 

Our productions will be primarily focused on organizations operating in the West Coast of the United States but your input and our willingness to travel makes productions around the globe possible.

To make things exciting, we've launched this Patreon with a Social Purpose tour through India and Nepal. Travel with us to ecologically focused communities, learn about pioneering community building initiatives, and support humanitarian work with disadvantaged Indian youth. We will produce videos for these projects in a 3 part series available to you through Patreon and various social media channels. Come with us on a trip highlighting some of the positive grassroots change happening in cultures that existed before written history.

The Wisdom Sharing Tour includes media produced for the following organizations:

1) The Auroville Bamboo Center - Offering education and community development through natural building. Auroville is pioneering a large scale sustainable community development. 
2) Manav Sadhna - Humbly dedicated to the upliftment of our brothers and sisters living in marginalized communities, through the creation of Community Centers.
3) Sunflower Learning Center - Creating sacred space for a new culture to emerge out of the Kalakar Colony Slum in Jaisalmer. 
4) Subbody Research Center - Exploring the embodiment of the subconscious mind. 

We will continue this community supported approach to Humanitarian and Social Purpose media production upon our return to the U.S. in late June.

The success of this project will require a brilliant team, thank you again for joining us. May we view this offering as an opportunity to build a template for a more sustainable culture at home and abroad.

Sky Traffic Media launched 16 years ago in Los Angeles and operates as an educational media production company. You can view our media creations at and our artistic endeavors at
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We have projected a minimum annual budget of $36,000 and plan to contribute $12,000 from internal funds. The remaining $24,000 we hope to fund with your contributions. Reaching this monthly goal covers basic costs for Sky Traffic Media and our support team to deliver free of charge awareness or promotional media to a minimum of 1 select nonprofit and social purpose organization monthly. The project's chosen will receive a separately cut promotional video to publish and promote as they wish as well as the raw video and photo's for future use. The video series will highlight the chosen project and display the wisdom shared in the process of the production.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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