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Thank you for supporting me as a content producer and a player! It lets me focus more on Magic and bring you what you really love - Dredge stuff <3  Hope that my videos and streams will help you become a better player.  

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At this level, you will get an access to a detailed sideboard guide. It’s going to be updated every month so you will always be ahead of your metagame! If you want to win in Modern, it’s a perfect tool for you! 

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Wow, you really want to take your Grave Magic to the next level! in addition to access to a Detailed Sideboard Guide you will get an hour of private grave aggro coaching! It's the best way to level up your game!



About SodekMTG

Hey! Tomasz Sodomirski here, better known as Sodek. I’m Modern enthusiast, specialized in Dredge. I've started to create content as a way to share everything I've learned about my beloved archetype. If you want to be better at piloting the deck, there's hardly a better place but here!
Dredge is a premier graveyard-based archetype in Modern, and is considered to be one of the best, if not THE best deck right now. But with great power comes great complexity - it's very challenging to play very well, let alone perfectly. Everything, including knowing how to sequence enablers, playing around hate, being able to react accordingly to the gameflow, and most importantly - how to sideboard - requires a tremendous amount of practice. My content includes gameplay videos, updated every month, detailed sideboard guide, and streams on If you like my work and want to receive more content on regular basis, consider supporting me here, on Patreon. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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