is creating software, electronic gadgets, and vehicles.

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Twice a year, your donation could pay for me to get to the junkyard and back.

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Every other month, your donation could pay for some equipment such as microcontrollers, sensors, or a light.

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Every month, your donation could pay for 200 pounds of scrap (half of a motorcycle).




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Hello there! I love engineering in both the physical and digital world.

In the near future, I'm going to start stepping up from small devices to large ones. My current goal is to build a street legal electronic motorcycle with a turbojet. I want it to be highly controllable with lots of buttons, switches, and gauges more akin to piloting a spacecraft than a standard motorcycle. I'd also like to add other useful features I come up with on the way, such as breachable CO2 canisters to cool down the electric motor in an emergency. Some people aren't very fond about my idea for quick-detach lithium battery banks but, personally, I'd rather not be sitting on a lithium fire while trying to stop the bike before I bail off.

The primary limiting factor for my projects is the cost of the equipment. It is by no means necessary for me to get donations but the more money I have to invest in these projects, the faster they can be developed. However, if you choose to help me, I'll be posting detailed updates for my projects here on patreon before anywhere else and explain more about the inner workings of everything I make.

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I'd love to get my word out there and have support from the engineering community for my projects.

Maybe we could even collaborate. =)
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