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About Emma 'SKoW' Henson

I'm a full-time writer for visual novels (and more)! I write SFW and NSFW stuff for a bunch of pretty cool people. It's utterly terrifying scraping by each month, but so far I've managed to keep it up.

I just want to keep doing this, I want to be successful and have a bunch of games people enjoy playing (it would also be super nice to make a comfortable living) There're plans for a full-length set of e-novels, some D&D modules, and plenty of other neat stuff.

Every month I will produce an approximately (usually) 5,000 word piece of smut for patrons (NSFW, we're basically talking like some hardcore goodness). And the patrons get to vote on what kind of content is in it. Being a patron at any level gives you a vote, you don't get more for giving me lots of money. I have commissions for that kinda stuff.

  • Writing rates on projects: $0.027 a word (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
  • Writing rates on sex-scene commissions: $27 per 1k words, 5k maximum words. (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
  • Editing rates: $0.027 per ten words, before any editing is done so that additions to the text do not increase price. (CURRENTLY CLOSED)
  • Art rates: You'd be mad to want me to draw for you. Pizza for doodles I guess.
$255 of $1,250 per month
For this kind of money, I'll just full-time write smut for patrons. It's an impossible thing to expect, but hey. It's a dream.
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