Philota is creating Art

$1 /mo
The wonderful satisfaction of knowing that you have brightened both of our days in a way that is completely unmeasurable. You can also now completely guilt free use ad blocker while reading the com...

$5 /mo
The previous reward with, access to the full resolution strips on the creations page. Various concept art is now available to be viewed by your lovely eyes.

$10 /mo
The previous rewards. You can also now see the next strip before it’s been officially released! You have access to the patreon’s activity stream and you can now vote in the polls and potential...

$20 /mo
All previous rewards, you also have the option to opt into the monthly print reward. A gorgeous 8.5x11full bleed picture on 100lb felt cardstock awaiting your loving hands. 

$25 /mo
All previous rewards, plus a suggestion ticket where applicable, you also get access to the monthly wallpaper.

$50 /mo
All previous rewards plus, You get the fantastic opportunity to have your OC cameo in the comic! Your OC may cameo in the comic proper or the chibiventures. It may take a little while for it to hap...

$75 /mo
Same as the last with that you now can have two of your oc's cameo in the comic! Have your very own yaoi couple walk the same streets as the cast of the comic.