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About Matthew Somerfield (SomersF1)

Why I'm here

Patreon offers YOU the reader, an alternative option. It means you can reward me for my work to the tune of any sum you feel appropriate, setting a monthly budget. I like the idea of Patreon as it's voluntary, making it none intrusive and allowing me to continue to provide content that everyone can see. Think of it like a tip jar, like what you see, the you can give me something for it.

With your help I'd love to get to the stage where I can concentrate on what I love to do full-time, not only with the written word but with illustrations, podcasts, video analysis etc. However, to focus more heavily on the content I produce I need to make a change in my lifestyle, currently my day job takes up 60 hours a week, with some of my analysis being done during lunch breaks etc, whilst the bulk of it has to be done outside of that, meaning at times I'm committing another 20-30+ hours on top. If I could generate enough income I could reduce my day job hours and commit the rest to F1, or even better focus on F1 full time.

What you might know me from already

As many of you know I've had the good fortune to work with some great publications in the last few years, including where I'm currently plying my trade alongside the legend that is Giorgio Piola.

I also use Twitter quite extensively, as it provides a vehicle to promote my work and interact with other like minded individuals, so, if you haven't already give me a follow and we'll have a chat there too. I also have an Instagram account but I'm a little more lax in its use as I don't have the time to commit to it fully.

More money, more content

The written word is but one tool in my armoury, as I can also provide illustations too. The problem is these suck huge amounts of time. For example:


I completed these illustrations for a feature I was doing with Missed Apex Podcast recently where we talked through the updates used by Ferrari and Red Bull in 2017, (if you visit the links we also made the content into shorter format videos too). We will also cover the all-conquering Mercedes team in its own show in a few weeks too, for which I've illustrated every major update - 40-50ish hours work.

Illustrations on this scale (full car) take in the region of 10-20 hours depending how I go about them and I'd hope to draw every car in the field next season, then redraw each with the updates after each race, followed up with my own written technical analysis alongside it, for you, the Patrons.

Early access content

The plan behind using Patreon is not only to give you all better content but if I can get enough support I'd like to give those that help the project the opportunity to see the content first, with anyone donating to the second tier ($5 a month) getting access to it at least 3 days before the content is posted on This not only includes the illustrations and technical analysis I've already talked about but also current content such as my race #Prixview which gives insight ahead of each race.

It doesn't stop there...

Just because the primary focus of SomersF1 is currently on the technical side of the sport doesn't mean it has to be. We can easily switch gears and add news content too if desired but obviously I need to be able to apportion time/money to getting the site changed and creating the content itself. This could also mean adding additional authors to the site, something I've already started to deal with as Matt Ragsdale is onboard and producing his unique qualifying and race reviews.

Of course, just like the content I produce these authors are in it for the love of what they do, however, some financial recognition would go a long way toward helping them and bring onboard more authors too. As such I've set up a seperate goal so that you can directly contribute toward the costs and increase of that content.

I'll continue to build reward packages as I go but if you think you have an idea for one that's not listed just drop me a line SomersF1

Dreaming bigger

IF I had enough support I see no reason why I couldn't travel to races and deliver even more indepth content direct from the GP's too, but obviously this is the longest of stretch goals so let's see where this takes us.
$15.23 of $30 per month
When we reach $30 a month I can keep the lights on, spruce up the site when needed and keep on top of the regulation pages etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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