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About Somewhat Eclectic

Hello all.

Well who the heck am I is the question I suppose. That and of course more importantly why would you want to give me any money.

The first one's simple of course. I'm just some guy who has a camera, a computer, and a YouTube channel. More importantly though I love film, I love talking about it, and I happen to love games too. So of course I figured I'd combine the set and make some videos. More exactly I randomly saw a movie one day that really rubbed me the wrong way so I made a video about it and it was surprisingly fun so I just kept on going. I've made the 'So I went to go see ...' videos significantly better since I started up and I started up some let's play videos of several of the games I've been playing which aren't entirely horrible either.

Now as to why you might possibly want to give me money well that's more up to you yes. I will say up front that my financial situation isn't exactly great so if you do decide to contribute I'm most grateful. Beyond that it's more of a question of if you like any my videos. If you do then maybe consider donating for a month as a sort of 'thank you' tip.

Where does the money go?

Well as I mentioned above I'm not in the best financial situation in the world. All the money first would go to covering the costs associated with running the channel, then to making sure I still have basic things like food and electricity, and finally I'll be able to do wonderful things like improving my equipment. That more than covers what I'd like to make with this but I do have some pie-in-the-sky daydreams of what I'd do with money beyond the milestone goals off to the side.
$0 of $100 per month
At this point I'll have covered my basic costs which covers:
  • ~4 movies/month
  • Web hosting
  • Handful of games to play
  • Saving for a better video editor
  • A decent internet connection

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