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About SonickFreek8

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page! I created this because I would really like the support of my community to help me out on my journey to become a full-time content creator within YouTube in the near future! Right now I have an extremely limited setup with only a gaming laptop and a headset. I'm hoping with the potential funds that I make I will be able to create the PC gaming setup I needed to do my work efficiently and get extra tools that I would need such as a new microphone and a camera for facecam. Thanks for coming by and I do hope that you could pitch in to not only help me as a content creator, but to also join in on the community that I've established and love so much!
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If we can reach 5 patreons, I'll do a Q/A, but one where anyone can ask me a question (to a certain extent xd)! I'll start taking in questions as soon as we hit the goal!
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