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About SONset Friday Entertainment

Hey ya'll!

My name is Anthony Hackett and I am the founder of Sonset Friday Entertainment. My calling and passion is to produce entertaining content designed to motivate you, inspire a generation to become better people, and share The Word of God in creative ways!

In just the past 3 years I have produced, over 1,200 videos including 2 Award winning Feature Films and I have no plans to stop because this is what God has gifted me to do and what I LOVE to do!  I have really BIG plans for you all the near and far future!

I am not employed by a church, I don't receive a salary from any other business, ministry, or entity. I am solely funded by amazing people like you who enjoy the content I produce on a weekly basis.

My commitment to you, as a backer/ supporter of me and the entertainment ministry God has called me to, is to continue producing original faith-based content, designed to entertain, motivate and inspire you on a weekly basis!

Please go head and click that redish/ orangeish "Become A Patron" button and join me with your financial contribution! I LITERALLY can not do this without you, but with you... watch what God does!   Thank you :)

**Please keep in mind you may opt-out and cancel your contribution at anytime**

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100 Patreons - This level basically allows this to be a part time job for me and will allow me to produce content without having to do as much "other" work in order to supplement.
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