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About SoulJa Of GOD

It is with great humility and a heavy heart that I have created this page ...
As most of you already know I am not one to ask for help or donations.
All I've ever asked for is your prayers.
However, Since YouTube and Google have decided to censor TRUTH,
I am finding it harder and harder to continue.
I have been suffering in silence for quite some time now as the SoulJa Of GOD YouTube Channel and Website have been under massive attack, but now it has gotten to the point where I must swallow my pride and ask for your support.

That Being Said....
If you do NOT have the means to donate please DON'T.
If you do have the means, please consider donating to
Persecuted Christians around the world & those less fortunate.
If you feel GOD has led you to help a small Ministry like ours,
We would humbly appreciate any amount to help us REACH THE WORLD. (GOD willing)

I AM NOT SoulJa Of GOD.... WE ARE!
Our goal is to grow an Army Of GOD to come to the aid of our Brothers and Sisters who are saving souls all across the net, weather it be a YouTube channel or a website. Many are suffering under mass censorship and spiritual attacks, which breaks my heart. We would love to donate, encourage and support many creators who are fighting for our LORD, and with your help we will be able to do so. All Credit will be given to YOU "The Army Of GOD"

REMEMBER... You don't owe me anything, and I know you don't have to, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to do so.
If you decide to donate, (Again, please don't feel obligated)
We would be honored to feature you
on our website and at the end of our videos.
Thank you for making SoulJa Of GOD

Praise GOD!
Thank you for your commitment in serving Christ
in the midst of the challenging circumstances around us.

GOD Bless You All My Brothers And Sisters, And Stay Strong In Our LORD

The SoulJa Of GOD Code:
Make No Mistake!
I Will Not Compromise.
I Will Not Comply.
I Will Not Submit.
I Will Not Break.
I Will Not Roll Over.
I Will Not Sit Down.
I Will Not Shut Up.
I Will Not Go Quietly.
I Will Not Give Up.
I Will Not Surrender!
I Will Stand For Truth.
I Will Protect The Innocent.
I Will Sacrifice So That Others May Live Free.
I Will Defend My Family To The Death.
I Love Peace, But I Am A Fierce Enemy.
I Will Fight For Christ
I Will Die For Christ
I Live By A Special Code
I AM A SoulJa Of GOD!!!
Who's With Me?

Jesus Christ is the only truth, in this world of lies.
Find him today, your not promised tomorrow.

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