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I'm a deep human being... I can't help it. Since I was a young girl I've pondered about how the universe works & how we all fit in. I've delved into books & teachings in hope of finding an answer to a question I'm not even sure of... I believe this world is a mysterious place & that we are here to explore.

I talk Business, Marketing & Strategy... I almost want to say blah blah blah (oops!). No, we need this to support ourselves in our material world ~ but there is so much more...

As well as business I also talk Chakra Philosophy, Psychosomatics, Face Reading & topical issues that relate to being human in our fast moving modern world.

Humanity & Sustainability before Economics.
This is a topic that is high on my mind (especially as 2020 unfolds).

I want to share with you how to go deep within yourself to know who you truly are, because for some of you ~ this is what matters. You know it is the missing link that will help you stand out & become not only magnetic, but aligned to your zone of genius & purpose.

You know you are here to do great things.

Not everyone will be up for a spiritual awakening… & that's cool ~ if not, I'm not the one for you. And on that note, you may not even have one! But if I can open the door to some new questions for you... and show you that there is another way... then my job is done :) 

You are worth it.

Our planet, lifestyle & business is changing. You need firm foundations ~ but now more than ever, you need to feel connected, have confidence to back yourself & absolutely the strength to speak & act on your truth.

>> What's Going On In The Soul Lounge? <<
The Soul Lounge is my community space dedicated to sharing my content such as Charka Philosophy Masterclasses, video interviews with interesting people I meet along the way, and giving you behind the scenes insight of what it's like to create all of this. (You'll also get some awesome perks, and exclusive first dibs at offers and new creations to thank you for your support). 

It is also a private forum where you are surrounded by like minded people. This is so you know it's safe to ask any type of question, and we can open up dialog around difficult conversations we don't always have in the big wide world - and definitely not in the boardrooms of our businesses.

>> Why have I chosen to use Patreon? <<
As well as being a Teacher, I'm also a Creative. Actually I would go so far to say that I'm actually more of a Creative before I am a Teacher. I love using my creativity to bring to life awesome learning experiences for you.

If you only knew the creative ideas that have been percolating around in my mind for years that have not yet got off the ground - you would be bamboozled! My vision is that this community will stir it all into reality, and that you'll be the ones to benefit from it first.

>> Where you come in... <<
For over five years now, I have been creating free content and trainings continuously, sharing them all via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and my newsletter. I've done it all on my own - from scripting, filming and video editing, branding and marketing. At the moment everything you see of mine is me! And while that has filled me up, and I do get enjoyment out of it all... it's also very limiting from a time and creativity point of view.

Also with the amount of continuous changes to social media algorithms and censorship, I'm tired of working up against technology and regulations just to get my trainings, writing and thoughts out to you... my community are the ones I want to keep supporting the most (not third party social media platforms). So I'm going to be hanging out here A LOT more. 

>> What's in it for you? <<
By becoming a Patron of The Soul Lounge, not only will you have continuous access to my introductory trainings, but you'll also be supporting the evolution of my creative team. It will mean better quality videos and more engaging learning experiences for you... both online and face to face.

And be reassured you ain't seen nothing yet! 

I also wanted to make this affordable for everyone, and I wasn't digging the traditional membership site models I've been taught about. This one feels much more inclusive as you join me on the creative journey and are a part of the process (who knows, it might even inspire you to step into your own creative cave!).

The more you feel to contribute each month, the more support and attention you will receive from me, and this feels like a great exchange wouldn't you say?

Even with this platform I already have my ideas of how I want it to grow... but like anything - let's keep things simple from the start. All you have to do is choose your monthly payment option based on the perks you want, and you are in. May we all continue to learn, grow and expand into our zone of genius in this world together.

If The Soul Lounge isn't floating your boat?...
Alternatively, you can sign up to my newsletter here and receive my letters from the road.

Follow me on Facebook here,
Follow me on Instagram over there, or
Follow me on YouTube everywhere.

Keep smiling :) 


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