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About SoulRiser

I would like to spend more time making School Survival better and more well-known, so that it can help more people.

You can help me cover my costs and coffee addiction! :)

Some of my current monthly site-related costs:
  • $60 per month: This will cover the site's hosting costs, woohoo! (It's a pretty decent VPS - I had issues with cheaper shared hosting)

Cool things I'd like to be able to pay for in the future:
  • Someone to take care of things like writing guest posts, contacting other site owners and organizing link exchanges and anything else we can work together on. Also managing some social media stuff, like replying to people and other things I suck at.
  • Some kind of a collective fund that can be used to directly help kids who need help with anything that money can pay for.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated, because the less time I have to spend on projects just to make money, the more I can focus on School Survival.
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This will cover the site's hosting server costs, woohoo!
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