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About The Sound Architect

Who are we?

Founded by Sam Hughes, The Sound Architect consists of passionate volunteers, who are highly active in the audio community and want to help each other grow within that community. We do this so that everyone can learn more about the various facets of the industry and ways to pursue or enhance their audio career. 

What type of content is there?

We conduct interviews with voice actors, sound designers, composers and other audio professionals around the world of various levels of experience, from juniors to veterans. We write reviews of sound libraries, games, films, tv and other media purely from an audio perspective. We basically cover everything audio!

Why should you support us?

Everyone at The Sound Architect volunteers their time to work hard to provide the content on the website. It's a lot of work for all of us, and it would be great to continue doing so.

We're working with all our own personal equipment, but we need better equipment for the interviews, videos etc. For example, even a decent portable recorder and some lav mics would enhance our video interviews. Can't have bad audio quality on an audio site!

The voluntary writers are AWESOME, but they can only do so much voluntarily. With your help, we could achieve so much more and fulfil the amazing potential that The Sound Architect has. We would love to be able to support the writers for their work as they very much deserve it. 

We also have hosting costs, theme costs, domain costs, promotional, event costs and everything else just to keep the site going.

If you feel you'd like to see more of the site and show some support, then any donations or shares are highly appreciated to keep this resource going!

Game Audio North

The Sound Architect now also presents Game Audio North, a highly successful networking event in the North of the UK. Funds from Sam also go towards this as part of his own money for The Sound Architect and Game Audio North. So for things to be sustainable we would love your support for the event as well. 

Our Impact

We get many success stories of people progressing, pursuing their career in audio, with thanks in some way to The Sound Architect. A reader thanked me directly as it was one of the interviews that led her to apply (and be accepted) for her Masters degree at the University of Westminster and who now works at a AAA games company as a sound designer.

One of the guests on our podcast was hired for a job, partially due to our review of one of the game he worked on. 

THESE are the kind of stories that explain why Sam runs The Sound Architect™ and we want to create more of them, keeping The Sound Architect™ going as long as possible. 

Any support will all go into The Sound Architect™ for equipment, editors, events, competitions and more writers all to make it greater for our readers and listeners! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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