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Weldy's Hacky Slack Heroes
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Everyone's favorite stoner constantly inspires the crew with his mad hacky sack skills and as a patron of this tier so do you! 

Members of Weldy's Hacky Slack Heroes level have access to the following benefits: 

- A handwritten thank you card ('cause we're Southern like that)

- Your name will be listed on our website as a Patreon supporter.

- Access to Blog Posts.

Includes Discord rewards
Epoch Tracer Support Crew
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Much like a starship, maintaining a podcast can be hard work. But the load is much lighter with the help of an amazing support crew! Benefits of the Epoch Tracer Support Crew tier include:

- All of the benefits of the Weldy's Hacky Slack Heroes tier, plus...

- An STF branded koozie. 

- Social Media Shout Out 

- Sponsor inspirations for the Epoch Tracer Crew!  Every time Adam awards an inspiration to one of the players, we will randomly pick from one of our ETSC members to co-sponsor the inspiration with a shout out on air.

- Private Polls available only to Patrons. These polls will include various questions that only Patreon members will be able to vote on, and will shape aspects of the Southern Tomfoolery network. 

Includes Discord rewards
Apollo Protection Agency - Loyalty Agent
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Just like Titanium Mike and Zeno-5, you are an established protector and promoter of the Southern Tomfoolery family! The APA - Loyalty Agent tier includes all benefits of the Epoch Tracer Support Crew and Weldy's Hacky Slack Heroes tiers, as well as: 

- Custom button available only for Patreon members to be mailed out every 3 months.

- Early access to episodes, start listening a day earlier!

- Access to private Discord channels, the perfect place for some early episode discussion!

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About Southern Tomfoolery

Welcome to Southern Tomfoolery!
You have entered a world full of nerdage and geekery. We couldn’t be more excited to have you here. Southern Tomfoolery is a weekly podcast following our gaming table as we play through various adventures. We have launched our first podcast with Paizo’s Against the Aeon Throne adventure path, using the Starfinder RPG game system. Please join us on this journey, we want you in our starship keeping us company. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to subscribe if you like what you hear!

Also feel free to chat with us and our listeners about all things nerd and geek in our Discord Channel!
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