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About Space Quest Historian

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page! This means you're almost ready to begin your journey as a monthly backer of my little corner of the web.

What do I do?

I do videos over on my YouTube channel. Mostly Let's Plays of adventure games, but every once in a while make a video about something else I'm interested in -- either about gaming in general, or my record collection, or a particularly interesting insect on my bathroom wall. Who knows.

Let's Play videos come out every Tuesday.
(Other videos come out whenever during the week.)

I also livestream on my Twitch channel*. Sometimes just a one-off, other times I'll play an entire game over the course of several streams. Patreon supporters get to join me in the voice chat and watch the stream without lag via Parsec so we can play the game together.

* Live streams also stream concurrently on YouTube. Yay for modern technology!

#SQHStreams happen every Sunday at 9pm (CEST).

Oh, and I have a podcast -- the Space Quest Historian podcast -- which is not just about Space Quest (although that game series is very near and dear to my heart), but really about adventure games in general ... from the perspective of a very enthusiastic Space Quest fan. It's been on hiatus for quite a while now, but it will return ... sometime in the future.

I also, occasionally, make games myself. These go up on my GameJolt page, and while I don't make them very often, I do like making them. And if you're a backer, you get to see the development process, play early builds, and make suggestions that I would actually listen to!

Not only that, but regardless of how much you choose to chip in, you get access to the exclusive SQH Backer Discord chat where you get to influence what I do -- and also talk to me on a daily basis. It's a lot of fun over there.

Please consider donating, even just a buck, and this can all be yours!
$278 of $300 per month
I'll start doing 3 edited videos a week (plus the weekly livestream on Sundays). They could be gameplay series, vlogs, or whatever else I might think of -- but 3 videos a week nonetheless.
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