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About SpaceToad

My name is SpaceToad, and I've been a Minecraft mod developer since April 2011. After a long time off, I came back in 2014, working again in the community. I'm currently leading the development of the mod I initially created: BuildCraft. BuildCraft is an open-source mod, which means that everybody can see the source code, modify it and even redistribute it without strong constraints. It's free modify, free to redistribute, free to add to modpack, etc. The development is open too, and can be followed on github. Over the past few years, many people have been contributed to it (122 people actually according to last count!), some of them contributing to small bug fixes, some of them contributing to major new features.

This patreon page is to support my work for the BuildCraft mod. You may want to support other contributers as well ;-)

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