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About Lucy Lyall

Hello there!

My name is Lucy Lyall, and I've been creating webcomics for over ten years now. I successfully finished my first project, Kaspall, and I'm now working on my second.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors is a collection of short stories about Toby Hathaway and Marion Sark; a couple who work as Specialists (paranormal investigators) in a nondescript city in modern day England. They deal with a wide variety of cases and creatures – some of which you might recognise from myths and legends, and some that I just flat out made up because why not? I love the idea of something strange being just around the corner, and so the stories mix the mundane and the magical - with some of the real-life challenges people can face (both large and small) thrown in as well.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors updates weekly, and will always be free to read online. You can start at the beginning here, or catch the latest update here.

I've loved comics ever since I was a teenager, and putting my own stories in front of an audience and hearing back from readers makes me very happy. The webcomics medium especially suits me down to the ground - it's a great opportunity for learning, experimenting and making projects that are close to my heart, without worrying too much about mistakes or other peoples opinions!

In the past, I've paid for the comics out of my own pocket ... but now I've got a family, and with more money heading out of the door these days, it's about time I got my obsession, sorry, 'hobby' to start paying its own way a little. The money from this Patreon campaign will help support my work, by providing funds for things like art supplies, software, hardware, ad spots and printer cartridges. With your help I can turn my comics into something that brings money into the household, rather than taking it out - for which I would be enormously grateful.

And, as always, thanks for reading!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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