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In my immense gratitude to you for supporting me, not only will you be my new BFFs, but I will put your name on a list on my altar and will send you daily love. You also have the option to make a request (via email) for something you want in your life and I will deliver it to a labyrinth or spiral within two weeks. Photo available by request.

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I will send you my popular Full Moon Blog (now exclusive to Patreon supporters) on every full moon. Excellent content for your inner Trickster and for navigating tricky times! Will also send out a howl for you on the every full moon!

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I will send you 10 photos every week of gorgeous trees and other cool pics from my previous weeks adventures in nature. Files available by request if you wish to print any for your personal use or to give as gifts. 

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About Michelle Simonson

I have devoted my life to playing with hundreds of children and grown-ups in various capacities --especially adventures out in the natural world and explorations of inner worlds. I am a highly sought after creator of magic and joy and am a fun and nurturing companion with a treasure chest of wisdom from my own life experiences as well as borrowing from countless teachers and luminaries.

Like Mary Poppins (my lifelong mentor and someone to whom I am frequently compared) I am an excellent companion to have with you on your inner and outer adventures.

I began creating versions of Sparks & Leaps in 2010, and began writing regular bimonthly blogs in June of 2014. The creative directions I have taken with Sparks & Leaps have morphed several times, but my current venture (which is what all of the others were leading up to) is turning Sparks & Leaps into a game.

I have spent a small fortune on coaches and on research and development of Sparks & Leaps. I have learned so much! And now I am beyond thrilled and honored to share it in this surprising new way.
The game of Sparks & Leaps is customized for each individual player and their utterly unique Life, so that they can jump in and begin playing no matter what their current circumstances are. Players discover and use their personal strengths AND "weaknesses" as superpowers.

The object of the game is to practice shifting from reacting to life's ever changing challenges with unconscious old survival conditioning/ cultural conditioning/ ancestral patterns (which typically triggers amygdala/ "reptile brain" generated stress hormones and fight/ flight/ freeze) to a seemingly counter intuitive new response. 

Rather than working hard to "fix" (as in repair or get an addictive fix) "problems", playing Sparks & Leaps activates curiosity as to how EVERYTHING that Life presents can be of benefit --especially what seems to be the worst possible traumas. Reframing old stories and old patterns into a game that we are choosing to play changes everything.

In the process of setting up the game, players are connected to their own personal supportive allies and creating adventures crafted specifically for them to assist with navigating that time (individually and collectively) in between when an old way of life is ending and the new one is still a mystery*.

I have a ridiculous amount of material and have figured out a way to organize it so that new players who are are overwhelmed with their current life circumstances can easily begin to play it and highly skilled players can play it indefinitely. It is not a game to be won and ended, but there are endless wins to celebrate throughout the game.

I am doing this for you. It took me a while to realize that. Initially I was largely coming from fear and focused on creating a business. But now I understand that the inexplicable obsession to immerse myself in this process of creating Sparks & Leaps originated from love --it's just that the fear was louder. And I think this is what has delayed my being ready to offer this gift.

It is my heartfelt wish that what I learned from a very full life filled of challenges (and privileges) as well as studying the stories of how so many others had similar experiences following their perfect storms in life will support and inspire you during those dark times in your life.

And I know that the benefits you will receive will ripple outward to those in your immediate circle and farther out into the world. This matters to me even more than whether or not the game becomes a financial success for me.

I am phasing out my old stories of scarcity and replacing them with new ones that are truer and better, and have experienced some jaw-dropping synchronicities and miracles that have reinforced my new stories.

That being said, caring for children is not a highly paid profession. I have felt repelled to "monetizing" my blog, and none of the other attempts at creating a livelihood with my rather quirky skill set (including leading outdoor adventures etc.) is supporting me -- much less the sustainable livelihood I would like as I head into my 60s.

Creating this game, with all of the many challenges, is exactly what I have needed. It is how I have been practicing playing the game. But I have mostly been playing it alone. One of the central tenets of the game is connecting with allies --I need you to play with me!

Getting this Game ready will require more financial resources than I currently have available. So I am hoping you (along with many other wonderful allies) will make it possible for me. I believe with all of my heart that this is my Life Mission and I am deeply grateful for however the miracles unfold for me to be able to offer this gift to you --and to the world through you.

More about my credentials/history
I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and spent 38 years there. Then after 2 years in Charlotte, NC I moved to Milwaukee, WI to get married. During my first half century --beginning with a dramatic birth-- I had many opportunities to navigate major challenges (including sometimes suicidal depression and nearly crippling anxiety). After a fortuitous &devastating, SuRpRiSe Life implosion shortly after I turned fifty, I traveled around the country for a few months before landing in Marin County, CA in June of 2010. Since then, I have been exploring and dancing on the trails (literally and metaphorically) every single day that my health has allowed, passionately photographing the stunning beauty here and falling more and more deeply in love every day with this land and with my life.  

I attended the Uiversity of MN. I have an Early Childhood Certificate and BA (Magna Cum Laude) in American Studies with minors in Child Psychology, Women's Studies and English. I have been a voracious researcher, reading countless books and articles, and taking classes ever since graduation. And if there were honors issued for experience in play and adventure, I would have at least a PHD or perhaps a Nobel Play Prize!

*Charles Eisenstein calls this "the space between stories". Joseph Campbell calls it "the special world of the heroes journey". SARK calls at The Marvelous Messy Middle. William Bridges calls it "The Neutral Zone". I call it "The Land of &" -- An inclusive place of connection and integration using the magical power hidden right smack in the middle of our greatest challenges. 

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