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About Special Needs Homeschooling

Special Needs Homeschooling grew from a blog and a magazine article I (Heather) wrote over a decade ago. I needed to know if there were other parents homeschooling children with special needs. At that time I had a very energetic kindergartener, a preschooler who could barely talk and a toddler that regressed in abilities seemingly overnight. The whole family was stressed and I didn't know where to get help. I was very alone.

Instead of quitting homeschooling I started SpecialNeedsHomeschooling.com

Families need to know that they are not alone in parenting their special needs children.

We began the long journey towards diagnosis, education, and healing for our unique family. We got the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease which caused autism, learning disabilities, and other medical issues in our 5 children. Later we found out I too had mito and Chris was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Life hasn't been easy but together we are thriving when others are struggling.

Chris and I aren't the type to ignore the struggles and pain of others. We created a family business out of our years of experience as caregivers to 5 wonderful special needs children and our personal journey as special needs individuals. We work daily to support and encourage families with homeschooling, marriages, and their walk with Christ all across the globe!

How are we able to keep going? GOD. Simple, elegant and completely truthful.

You may know that I was put in hospice years ago. (Homeschooling When She's Gone) Lets be absolutely honest I should be dead. I am not because the Lord has work for me to do. The Lord has work for my entire family and so we continue on down this path the Lord has set us.

It’s not easy. Chris gave up a white collared job to come home and yet… the Lord provides. Whether that is through a surprise of working for a family member that had a stove that was in a truck accident but was unscathed the week after our oven caught fire! Or a friend that walks up to us at church and shares the bounty of their garden with us so we could have fresh food.

When it comes to our business the miracles just get bigger! I was able to write, get professionally edited, and published within 7 months. We had the exact amount of money needed to get the book published and into the world.

This past year has taken our ministry from something we could do on our own and squeak by to something larger. We realized to reach the next level of outreach to the homeschooling and special needs community we need your help.

Why Patreon?

Patreon allows you to help us continue our ministry to the special needs community and more. It will allow us to enlarge our media reach. Start a new book. Speak to even more families at conventions, support groups, co-ops and churches. Your partnering with us will help us on a daily basis.

The entire family is very grateful that you have read through this page and would consider helping. May the Lord bless you! and Thank you!

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In May the family went to Atlanta for a very important genetics appointment with one of the few doctors in the world that deals with diseases like mitochondrial disease. She could help get the kids or me into research programs/ medical trials. She is guiding the testing that is required for the VA and the children's disability.
We are ALL went to see her. Yeap, all 6 of us!
We had to pay for the whole appointment on our own. The state of WV is still 'considering' whether they will pay anything including travel. The VA will not assist at this time in anyway.
As you can imagine on a highly variable income like ours this has stretched our budget extremely thin and even impeded our ability to go to speaking engagements. Your help would get us back on track.
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